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Learn how an enterprise search engine can help you too.

An enterprise search is an internal search engine used by companies to provide their employees with quick access to important information and data. It searches various data sources within a company, such as document management systems, customer and employee databases and project management tools. In today’s digital world, where companies are collecting and storing more and more data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the relevant information quickly.

An enterprise search can help to simplify the search for information and increase employee productivity. It will therefore be of great relevance to more and more companies in the future to enable their employees to quickly access the information they need and to increase efficiency within the company.

The following are use cases that are relevant for most companies:

1. The question of general information

2. Use of know-how from old projects

3. Provision of information in the field at the customer’s location

4. Finding standard documents and templates

5. Search for mandatory documentation

6. Onboarding of employees

7. Selecting the correct version of a document

8. Making demographic change easier through information

9. Support in the evidence of legal matters

10. Search for responsible employee

11. Exchange of experience between different locations

12. Digital workplace with a central knowledge access point

The list of potential use cases and the resulting business cases could be expanded dozens of times with more examples and use cases. The fact is that data in the enterprise is growing exponentially. Much of the data is unstructured (documents, images, email traffic, etc.) and will always remain so. In the future, it will be necessary to provide employees with tools that enable them to find their way through large volumes of data. It is important to note that not only the amount of data, but also the amount of places where information is stored is increasing within the company, making the provision of information more complex for employees. In this context, internal corporate search engines offer a way of democratizing the knowledge available in the company and making it easily accessible.