A few things that differentiate amberSearch

In addition to a modern and familiar user interface, an enterprise search today must also support the user and the company in other areas and meet the needs of the market.

We have listened to the market and offer – as the leading European AI-based Enterprise Search – our customers exactly what they need in our all-round package to make information quickly and easily accessible.

Graph des globalen Datenwachstums

Unlimited data volume


  • Our pricing model supports our customers with calculable costs.

    Data volumes worldwide and in companies are currently increasing exponentially and there is no end in sight.

  • Through our user-based pricing model, we pass on the economies of scale to our customers.

We understand SMB’s


  • We partly come from medium-sized entrepreneurial families and have worked there ourselves.

  • Quick decisions that are as unbureaucratic as possible are also in our DNA. 

  • Trust, reliability and excellent work is what is important to medium-sized businesses and what our existing customers confirm to us.

Wir verstehen den Mittelstand
Out of the Box Enterprise Search

Out of the Box Solution


  • IT resources are scarce and expensive.

  • amberSearch delivers modern AI solutions as an out-of-the-box solution so that they can be set up in the company within half a day.

  • This is how we enable positive changes through new technologies even with limited resources.

Outstanding Customer Support


  • There are digital affine and less affine employees.
  • We give employees the support they need.
  • Be it through our onboarding, our help page, by email, by teams or even face-to-face. We are available on the employee’s preferred channel. This service is included with us.
Hosting in Deutschland

GDPR-compliant hosting


  • Data leakage abroad through hosting with American providers is a no-go?

  • As a partner of Telekom, we therefore host our solution exclusively at Telekom in Magdeburg

  • This means we can guarantee hosting on ISO 27001 servers and hosting in Germany.

True AI based on our own models


  • The founding team studied at RWTH Aachen University and still maintains close contact with various university institutions.

  • This means we always have access to the latest developments in the field of AI.

  • Even our first model from 2020 was used as a benchmark for German and cross-lingual search in research work. Even today, it receives several thousand downloads every month.

Selbstentwickelte KI
Social Media



  • A pure text search was yesterday. Not only in consumer apps, but also in the enterprise, there are now different forms of content.

  • amberSearch searches images without prior tagging using self-trained models.

  • The already existing functions will soon be supplemented by video, audio and 3D model searches.

Cross-linguality & translation functions


  • Our customer base is international and  our users are spread across the globe.

  • The search in several languages as well as the translation of foreign languages into the original language of the query is therefore possible through amberSearch.

  • This way we connect teams across languages and borders.
Crosslinguale Suche