The last few years, especially the summers, have shown us that climate change is not far away, but very close.

As a society as well as a company we will only be successful in the long run if we can rely on a stable society and environment. Hence, we also want to do our part to protect our environment.

Therefore, in January we developed and defined our ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) guidelines, which we will live and decide by.

1. Our users support the environment by using amberSearch

Each year we will plant trees in proportion to the number of search queries. Thus, every user has the opportunity to make a contribution through us.

2. Our data centres are powered by 100% green electricity

As part of our Fully Managed SaaS solution, we ensure that the data centres we use only use green electricity.

3. USGBC Gold Standard Certification

The data centres we use are highly energy efficient and built to USGBC LEED Gold Standard.

4. Public transport as a travel choice

As a remote-first company, we are digitally positioned. Therefore, we try to keep as many contacts as possible digital to reduce the necessary travel and the resulting CO2 emissions. Where possible and reasonable, we use public transport to connect with our various networks.

As a company, we recognise that we have a responsibility to contribute to society and the environment. By implementing these measures and committing to sustainability, we are helping to create a better future for all. We are proud to take on this responsibility and look forward to working with our customers, partners and other stakeholders to create a sustainable future.