Have you every started in a company, been onboarded for half a day and then been given a task? Were you able to find the right information to fulfil that task? Like most employees you have probably been asking your colleagues for the next few days and months where you can find the relevant information to specific projects.

Other situation, same problem:

When senior engineers leave the company and young engineers have to take over their places, you need to make sure they are productive as quickly as possible and don’t stop each other from working by having to ask questions.

Transferring the knowledge as quickly as possible to new employees and to keep it within the company is one of the biggest challenges in today’s fast changing world. On paper the process sounds easy:

1. Make sure to document everything correctly

2. Save everything in that one perfect structure

You know that neither the documentation nor the structure is being used perfectly. In todays world IT landscapes in companies are very diversified and you have got data stored in several data silos like your mailbox, network files, shared folders, CRM or ERP systems. Quite often you or your colleagues know that information must be somewhere, but you just don’t know where exactly it is. The same goes for that young engineer, who knows, that the relevant document must be somewhere, but he just doesn’t know where somewhere is.

So how can you tackle that problem?

Companies start gathering more and more data, but the best data doesn’t help you, if you cannot find any relevant information. So as the growth of data increases exponentially, you need scalable tools that can keep up with the growth of data.

What you need is an intelligent Enterprise Search Engine, that helps you to find relevant data from different data sources to enable your employees to build upon the existing knowledge. This way your engineers can access all that important information in an easy way. Just by asking questions in natural language, they can find whatever relevant information in technical documentation, manuals, training material, maintenance reports, or other normal office documents.

With an intelligent search engine like amberSearch you can:

· Keep on using the experience of senior engineers, even after they left the organization

· Make all relevant documentation easily accessible to prepare future projects

· Increase productivity of junior engineers

· Improve the quality of your work order preparation

amberSearch brings that Google Search Experience to your company. Instead of searching for documents really long or keeping colleagues off work, just find the relevant information with one search query in our engine.

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