As a third-generation family business, the Krämmel Unternehmensgruppe now has over 200 employees. In the core areas of project development, planning & construction and facility management, the construction company offers its customers the complete construction process from a single source. In this way, the Krämmel group of companies has been guaranteeing high quality for its customers for more than 75 years and thus lives up to its own motto “Building made easy”.

From their own motivation…

According to their own estimates, commercial employees spend about 30 minutes a day searching for files, e-mails, etc.. This time is made up of the actual search, communication and assistance – showing colleagues information or re-communicating it if necessary – but also the duplication of effort for repeatedly creating information that cannot be found.
This time cannot be completely avoided, but it can be significantly reduced. As a way to do this, the Krämmel team has chosen the intelligent search engine amberSearch and integrated it internally under the name Krämmel Search. Via amberSearch, employees can find all company data automatically as well as regularly and in compliance with data protection regulations. In doing so, existing access rights are – of course – also preserved.

What were the requirements for Krämmel Search?

Since the Krämmel team is often on the road at construction sites, a special requirement for the search was that the information could also be found from “on the road” and from mobile devices. These requirements could be met with the search from amberSearch.
The person responsible for IT, Sebastian Steinbeis, had the following to say about the cooperation with amberSearch:

At first we were sceptical whether amberSearch would really be able to keep the big promises. But they do – we are regularly impressed by the results they find.

Sebastian Steinbeis, Head of IT
© Krämmel Unternehmensgruppe/Matthias Fend
© Krämmel Unternehmensgruppe/Matthias Fend

Who works with amberSearch and what does their day-to-day work look like?

At Krämmel, the biggest beneficiaries are especially the groups of people involved in the construction process. Whether it is the search for versioned plans, scanned documents, correspondence with other project participants or the search for information in DIN standards – there are enough use cases in construction.
Few industries have such a high documentation obligation as the construction industry, which naturally leads to a correspondingly large number of documents.

With amberSearch, the employee no longer searches manually in a multitude of subfolders in Windows Explorer for the required information, but finds it in real time in a Google-like user interface.

What are the benefits of amberSearch Krämmel?

As the group of companies already wrote in their annual team report 2022: “The fast, targeted and thus efficient search for information brings the Krämmel group of companies a significant economic advantage through the reduction of search times and the avoidance of duplicate work, which thus also has a direct impact on project processes”.
We are pleased that amberSearch has been so well received and look forward to supporting the Krämmel group of companies with our solution in their digital transformation in the future.

How did the cooperation work?

The technical set-up was completed within one morning. Although amberSearch was actually designed as a web application, the Krämmel IT department also made the Krämmel Search available as a desktop icon, so that the employees are picked up where they are in everyday life – whether on the web or on the desktop.
After the technical set-up, the amberSearch team conducted a so-called key user workshop to also hear the pain points of the most important users. This will help the amberSearch development team to tailor the software to the customers’ needs in the future.
The onboarding of the users themselves then took place in 2 phases. The key users and multipliers in the company were trained by amberSearch and given material that could be used to also onboard the rest of the colleagues.
In addition to the information, the amberSearch team was available to answer questions and also offered a help page that users could use to inform themselves. In addition, users are informed monthly about changes and adjustments to the software.

All images are copyrighted to: © Krämmel Unternehmensgruppe/Matthias Fend