The intelligence of GPT models with the know-how of your company

Without re-training, DSGVO-compliant and developed by a German provider

amberGPT finds the data relevant to you
amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Intuitive and seamless communication solution


  • The combination of GPT technology and amberSearch offers the possibility to retrieve texts with the know-how from different documents
  • No pre-training of AI models is necessary to use the full power of amberAI. This means that up-to-date answers can always be provided
  • amberAI automatically considers access rights and synchronises them accordingly

Improved information access


  • amberAI references the generated texts with the sources from where the content originates.
  • As a kind of digital secretary, amberAI can provide you with recommendations based on your company’s know-how
  • Generates previously unknown insights to get the most out of existing know-how
amberSearch accesses all your data sources
amberGPT finds the data relevant to you

Use cases


  • In sales, customer service or administration
  • Generating sales emails (related to buyer personas & own USP’s), answering customer questions
  • Answering simple questions and summarising complex projects.

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amberSearch searches not only text

File Formats

Search more than just text. With amberSearch you can also find images, 3D models and more!

amberSearch accesses all your data sources


Find EVERYTHING in one place and make that place accessible in different places

Data securely stored in german data centers


Building on trusted, German solutions amberSearch was developed by experts with a focus on data protection.

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