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We think of integrations in 2 directions: What can amberSearch search and how can amberSearch integrate into the daily work of employees in the right places?

amberSearch accesses all your data sources
Integrate your existing systems into amberSearch

Integrate your enterprise applications with amberSearch


  • Connect via standard connectors to keep integration efforts as low as possible
  • Cloud & on-premise solutions can be integrated to connect both worlds in one central interface
  • Flexibly scalable, so that further systems can also be connected in the future without any problems

Integrate amberSearch into your enterprise applications


  • Meet the user where he is digitally
  • Improve user experience and employee satisfaction from poorly searchable systems
  • Available as an out-of-the-box solution to increase productivity with little effort and generate a fast ROI
amberSearch seamlessly integrates into other systems
Integration by API

Open interface


  • Connect non-standard applications via open interface
  • Automated updates of new contentTransfer of access rights also possible via interface.

Leading companies love amberSearch

amberSearch is where the user is

amberSearch not only searches many different systems, but integrates seamlessly into them. So the user can reach amberSearch from where they are and doesn’t have to jump into amberSearch itself.

Some of these integrations include:

  • Teamsapp
  • Desktopapp
  • Iframe integrations
  • different mobile integrations

Take a look at some examples now:

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Explore other amazing features of amberSearch

Data securely stored in german data centers


Building on trusted, German solutions amberSearch was developed by experts with a focus on data protection.

amberSearch supports image search

Image Search

Find images based on content. Tagging, labelling & Co are no longer necessary, our AI takes care of that.

Efficiently search for 3D models

3D Models

3D models say more than 1000 words. Find everything you need to design

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