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Our On Demand Webinars


How the ENTECCOgroup uses amberSearch

Find out what use cases are covered by amberSearch within ENTECCOgroup


How to build a ChatGPT-like solution with your data!

What does it take to build a company-internal ChatGPT?


The power of artificial intelligence

Together with our partner d.velop, we will be presenting how generative AI can be integrated into a company’s internal IT infrastructure.


GDPR-compliant use of generative AI

How can generative AI be implemented in companies whilst respecting GDPR-compliance?


Generative AI models: How companies can benefit from them!

What is generative AI and what tools can I use for initial experience?


Generative AI in R&D departments

Find out what use cases there are for generative AI

Our White Papers


Best Practices - Introducing generative AI

What are the lessons learned when introducing genAI in companies?


Improve your corporate search

7 tips on how to ease your employees’ work


Successfully introduce corporate search

Find out how to avoid beginner’s mistakes


Return on Information

Learn how to calculate
the business case of enterprise search


Selecting your enterprise search provider

Criterion of selection & best practices of onboarding


Calculate your business case

Using our enterprise search business case calculator


Employee view on finding information

71 % of employees require help finding the right information


Checklist AI

All you need to know when introducing a generative AI in your company


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