At RuhrSummit 2020, amberSearch won the Digital Info Management Challenge by Siemens Energy. After RAG, this is the second major customer for the fast-growing startup amberSearch.

The Digital Info Management Challenge was about finding the right information within the company. As the winner of the challenge, amberSearch was given the opportunity to develop their intelligent enterprise search engine at Siemens in a real-life environment further. The goal was to enable all employees to find documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. amberSearch saves one hour of search work per week per employee, according to a Siemens Energy employee. In many ways, amberSearch differs fundamentally from existing enterprise search engines. amberSearch not only searches for keywords, but is able to answer questions like a web search engine. amberSearch understands the document just like a human would. In addition, amberSearch is not limited to text documents, but also intelligently integrates images, videos and audio files.

“The tendered challenge from Siemens Energy was fulfilled beyond expectations in the targeted timeframe. Right from the start, we worked together productively and goal-oriented to achieve a solution based on the user stories of Siemens Energy. amberSearch managed to respond individually to new problems through active communication and to integrate them into the existing concept. The focus was always on the project and on the agile approach.” Says Jens Drewer, one of the engineers at Siemens Energy.

Siemens Energy is particularly impressed by amberSearch’s agile approach and customisation options. The quality of the solution at relatively low prices stood out in particular. amberSearch was able to implement the momentum gained with Siemens Energy and previously with RAG and has attracted customers since. amberSearch is therefore sticking to its expansion course and is constantly enlarging the team.

This year, the RuhrHub is once again hosting the RuhrSummit and has announced new challenges. The entire amberSearchteam can recommend participation and is glad to have been given this opportunity.