Optimised knowledge management for consultants

Always keep track of which challenges have been solved in which projects

Increase efficiency and reduce costs
Increase your efficiency

Effective knowledge management


  • Quick access to client information, expert reports and case studies, to provide sound advice on projects.
  • Reuse know-how from existing projects – no matter where the project report was filed, amberSearch finds it
  • Continuous, personal development of consultants with high fluctuation

Focus on user-friendliness


  • A central location with the UX of an internet search engine in the company
  • Finding text documents (office files & more), images, emails and team chats
  • Self-developed AI models that understand user needs with semantic understanding
Increase satisfaction using amberSearch
amberSearch is scalable to your needs

Adaptability and scalability


  • Integration with all major IT systems via standard connectors
  • Scalable across different file systems, file formats and user volumes
  • Set up within 2h without external know-how and takes existing access rights into account

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amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Research and Development

Accelerate research & collaboration.

Increase your efficiency


Close more deals faster.

amberSearch supports collaboration in files

International Teams

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