Solve your customers’ problems faster

Use the know-how of already answered questions to be able to answer current questions faster

amberSearch supports collaboration in files
amberSearch accesses all your data sources

Excellent customer support


  • Targeted answers based on existing know-how for service technicians & support departments
  • Easy integration with existing knowledge bases and ticket systems to recycle existing know-how
  • Increased customer satisfaction through fast and efficient case handling (both by phone and for technicians at the machine)

Data security and data protection


  • State-of-the-art access controls & encryption technologies ensure secure working – even on the road
  • Consideration of the DSGVO without compromising on service quality
  • Hosting in Germany with our certified partners
Secure cloud storage
amberSearch is scalable to your needs

Scalable and adaptable solution


  • Integrate effortlessly with existing CRM, helpdesk and ticketing systems, making customer service more efficient and better organised.
  • Shared growth: Through continuous development, amberSearch evolves in parallel with your customer service needs
  • Regular updates and adaptations to the latest technological standards keep amberSearch up-to-date and thus offer modern and contemporary solutions

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Erhöhe die Effizienz deines Teams und reduziere Kosten

Mechanical Engineering

Driving innovation & efficiency.

amberSearch accesses all your data sources


Build & communicate more efficiently.

Increase your efficiency


Solve the most urgent problems faster.

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DB Regio AG – Revolutionising customer service together

DB Regio AG – Revolutionising customer service together

On 6 September 2023, amberSearch was invited to Station Berlin to present a solution on how to automate customer dialogue with the help of generative AI at the Zukunft Nahverkehr trade fair as part of the DB mindbox Accelerator. This pitch was won by amberSearch. Here is a recording of the pitch:


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