Solve the most urgent problems faster

Users existing know-how instead of having to acquire it from scratch

Increase your efficiency
Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Efficient information retrieval


  • Save time and invest more time in finding solutions
  • Collaborate more successfully by seeing what your colleagues are working on
  • Get precise and targeted information

All-encompassing integration


  • Search not only text documents but also images, scans & more
  • Consolidate decentralised data in one place
  • Never lose valuable information again – even if it’s in mails, teams, etc.
amberSearch accesses all your data sources
Crosslingual search

Industry-specific know-how


  • Use our AI to understand even industry-specific terms – without training the AI
  • High-quality UX to make internal know-how easily accessible
  • Continuous improvement & optimisation of the search through machine learning

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Erhöhe die Effizienz deines Teams und reduziere Kosten


Optimised knowledge management for consultants.

amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Research and Development

Accelerate research & collaboration.

Increase your efficiency


Close more deals faster.

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