Overcome distances and language barriers

Combine know-how from different languages and locations

Crosslingual search
amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Seamless collaboration and information sharing


  • Unite all corporate data and documents from decentralised and international teams in one place for easy access for all participants.
  • Integrate multiple systems simultaneously in amberSearch (e.g. 2 SharePoints, multiple network drives & Co)
  • Enable the exchange of expertise, experience and best practices across geographical and cultural boundaries to promote innovation and efficiency.

Cross-lingual search


  • Have content translated by amberSearch when needed instead of translating content editorially.
  • Find relevant information in different languages with amberSearch’s AI
  • Find different language versions of documents and materials on a centralised platform
Crosslingual search
Increase your efficiency

Improve performance and efficiency in decentralised teams


  • Ensure easy and secure access to corporate resources for employees working from different locations or in a home office.
  • Use amberSearch’s powerful search capabilities to find the information you need at lightning speed and increase productivity in distributed teams.
  • Customise amberSearch to meet the specific needs of your organisation and scale it as your distributed and international teams grow and expand.

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amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Customer Service

Solve your customers’ problems faster.

Erhöhe die Effizienz deines Teams und reduziere Kosten

Mechanical Engineering

Driving innovation & efficiency.

amberSearch accesses all your data sources


Build & communicate more efficiently.

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DB Regio AG – Revolutionising customer service together

DB Regio AG – Revolutionising customer service together

On 6 September 2023, amberSearch was invited to Station Berlin to present a solution on how to automate customer dialogue with the help of generative AI at the Zukunft Nahverkehr trade fair as part of the DB mindbox Accelerator. This pitch was won by amberSearch. Here is a recording of the pitch:


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