Accelerate research & collaboration

Build on existing know-how instead of working on it!

amberSearch supports collaboration in files
Increase your efficiency

Accelerate research and innovation


  • Make efficient use of existing know-how through pooled access to research data, studies, patents, publications and project documents & Co.
  • Quickly make informed conclusions and decisions based on a complete and comprehensive basis for decision making
  • Search and compare historical and current data to better understand and evaluate research progress.

Increase competitiveness


  • Accelerate the innovation process and make learnings visible to all to reduce time-to-market
  • Identify potential for growth or improvement by finding relevant and previously unknown information.
  • Identify existing intellectual property rights, avoid duplications and thus protect your own research and development
Gain an advantage over your competition with optimised document administration
amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Facilitate collaboration within the R&D department


  • Easily access the knowledge and experience of your colleagues to exploit synergies and increase innovation.
  • Centralised access to information from different disciplines allows interdisciplinary solutions to be developed and research barriers to be overcome.
  • Quickly and easily compile relevant information packages for your colleagues

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Increase your efficiency


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amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Customer Service

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