Quick access to internal content for new members

Make the start as easy as possible for new team members!

Increase your efficiency
amberSearch accesses all your data sources

Quick access to important resources


  • Instant access to company policies, work instructions and important documents.
  • No more endless shadowing & asking around to get an overview of the digital content.
  • Provide clearly structured categories and keywords to make it easy to find the information you need during onboarding.

Effective employee integration into teams


  • Easily identify experts within the company on specific topics
  • Discover unknown internal communities and project groups
  • Easily access company knowledge and best practices to save time and resources during onboarding.
amberSearch supports collaboration in files
Increase satisfaction using amberSearch

Sustained employee loyalty


  • Find relevant documents and training materials on your own initiative without constantly distracting colleagues from their work
  • Avoid information overload and frustration during onboarding and give employees the ability to access content when they are ready
  • A structured and efficient onboarding process helps new employees feel welcome, informed and well looked after.

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Secure cloud storage

Finding duplicates

Free your company from duplicates.

Crosslingual search

Mobile Search

Maximise the mobility of your employees.

amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Sharing information

Simplify your communication.

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DB Regio AG – Revolutionising customer service together

DB Regio AG – Revolutionising customer service together

On 6 September 2023, amberSearch was invited to Station Berlin to present a solution on how to automate customer dialogue with the help of generative AI at the Zukunft Nahverkehr trade fair as part of the DB mindbox Accelerator. This pitch was won by amberSearch. Here is a recording of the pitch:


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