Employees have enough challenges in their daily work

Frustrating search for information should not be one anymore

Increase satisfaction using amberSearch
amberSearch accesses all your data sources

Improve work-life balance and satisfaction


  • Reduce time wasted searching and focus on value-added tasks
  • Let your team organise their work efficiently across multiple systems
  • Increase employee satisfaction and motivation by eliminating inefficient search processes

Promote innovation and collaboration


  • Support knowledge sharing between teams and foster innovation and collaboration.
  • Make informed decisions to move projects forward effectively
  • Get employees actively involved in organisational growth to grow both personally and professionally.
amberSearch supports collaboration in files
Gain an advantage over your competition with optimised document administration

Strengthen employer branding


  • Integrate advanced technologies such as an enterprise search to showcase the company’s innovation and attractiveness as an employer.
  • Reduce costs and turnover by increasing employee retention: an efficient work environment increases employee satisfaction.
  • Offer talents the digital workplace it takes to win them over

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amberSearch accesses all your data sources

Breaking Up Data Silos

Unify data access, optimise business processes and foster collaboration

amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Find experts

Find the right contact person for every topic.

Increase your efficiency

Employee Onboarding

Quick access to internal content for new members.

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