Find the right contact person for every topic

Don’t bother asking around to find the right contact person.

amberSearch supports collaboration in files
Filter images based on type, source, date and more

Expert search


  • Find the colleagues in your company who deal with the information relevant to you
  • Use information from existing documents and information on authors to find the right contact persons
  • Find unknown experts on various topics in your company

Accelerate communication


  • Identify experts in your company and contact them directly
  • Avoid detours via colleagues to get in touch with the right experts
  • Facilitate the composition of project teams by helping employees find colleagues with the right skills and experience.
Increase your efficiency
Increase satisfaction using amberSearch

Strengthen the corporate culture


  • Increase trust between employees through increased digital visibility of team members
  • Strengthen the sense of belonging among employees by helping them to connect with each other quickly and easily.
  • Increase the transfer of know-how within the company by making information and knowledge more easily accessible.

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Increase your efficiency

Employee Onboarding

Quick access to internal content for new members.

Secure cloud storage

Finding duplicates

Free your company from duplicates.

Crosslingual search

Mobile Search

Maximise the mobility of your employees.

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