Maximise the mobility of your employees

Access corporate content while on the move

Crosslingual search
amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Flexibility and location-independent working


  • amberSearch is developed and optimised for mobile devices, so that amberSearch can be used easily and comfortably on smartphones and tablets.
  • Constant availability from anywhere and thus increased efficiency from home or the home office
  • Seamless functionality on Android, iOS and all major web browsers to ensure a smooth user experience.

Improved productivity with flexible working models


  • amberSearch enables fast and accurate searches for information, project documents and resources – regardless of where employees are located.
  • Access shared documents and communication channels on the go to collaborate with colleagues and teams in real time.
  • Responsiveness: Employees can respond quickly to requests, emails and tasks when out of the office, increasing their productivity.
Increase your efficiency
Secure cloud storage

Security and privacy


  • amberSearch provides secure connections via SSO & VPN’s to ensure sensitive corporate data is protected when employees access it on the go.
  • amberSearch complies with the requirements of data protection laws (e.g. DSGVO) and ensures appropriate protection of personal data.
  • Authentication and access control: amberSearch also provides secure and controlled access options for authorised employees via mobile access to prevent misuse and unauthorised access to company data.

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amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Sharing information

Simplify your communication.

Increase your efficiency

Digital Workplace

​Centralise the know-how of your decentralised tools, increase efficiency and complete your Digital Workplace

Increase satisfaction using amberSearch

Employee Satisfaction

Employees have enough challenges in their daily work. Frustrating search for information should not be one anymore.

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