For years, Microsoft Teams has been developing into the central hub of the so-called knowledge workers. And not without success. Teams recently cracked 280 million monthly active users.

So we have exciting news for all amberSearch users:

With our new Teams app, we are picking up users where they spend the majority of their work. From now on, amberSearch users can also start a search from Teams.

This leads to an even better integration into the daily work routine and enables our users to quickly and efficiently access the information they need.

The added value of the Teams app

With amberSearch, employees now have a single point of access, even in the medium where they naturally spend time anyway, to exchange information.

With amberSearch, this information exchange is extended not only to include information in Teams, but also across all other connected data sources. The expertise of a company’s own employees is one of its most important assets. With amberSearch for Teams, you can quickly find the expertise you need on a specific topic, question or project and easily share it, regardless of where it is stored, without creating duplicates.

Why now?

Digitalisation in recent years has led to the introduction of more and more software solutions, most of which can only be connected to each other to a limited extent. This leads to various media breaks and open tabs for the user. This is especially the case when you want to quickly look up something and leave the actual work environment to do so. Not only is valuable time lost by jumping to another solution, but it is also easy to get distracted in order to check the latest e-mails or take care of one or two to-dos here and there.

The bottom line is that the constant jumping between solutions leads to a certain restlessness in the daily work routine, from which the Employee experience suffers.

With the introduction of the team app amberSearch, we are reducing media disruptions and picking up employees where they are. It is a logical evolution of our platform based on the needs of our customers. Teams is also a highly customisable environment that gives us endless opportunities to create a new user experience for our Microsoft Teams customers.” Bastian Maiworm, Co-Founder amberSearch

We are proud to offer our users an even better search experience with amberSearch and look forward to continuing to provide our customers with more innovative features in the future. For more information on amberSearch, visit