Find internal information
without having to ask your colleagues first.

Spend your time on value-adding tasks instead of frustrating tasks like internal searching, asking around or unnecessary duplication.

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Thousands of employees use amberSearch every day

Find information without the hassle of asking around

Find information in data silos like your server, your intranet, your email inbox or your DMS without having to ask your colleagues for help.

amberSearch kombiniert all deine Datenquellen
amberAI fasst dir alle Informationen zusammen

Unleash the power of modern AI for your business

With our self-developed AI models, we enable companies to benefit from new technological developments and realise the added value even with limited IT resources.

Satisfied employees who achieve their goals

Achieve your annual goals faster and more efficiently. Use your time for value-adding tasks instead of frustrating internal information gathering.

Increase satisfaction using amberSearch

Europe’s leading AI enterprise search delivers value for our customers

How to get started


Define the relevant Data Sources

A large set of connectors or an open API is available. Let us know which connector is relevant to you!


Define the relevant Users

Match the data sources to the users so your team gets the user experience it deserves 


Jump on a call with the amberSearch engineers to set amberSearch up

Our solution comes out-of-the-box so you are directly ready to go ! 


Get started today!

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