Frequently Asked Questions

What is amberSearch?

amberSearch is a productivity tool, that enables your employees to become more efficient and faster when it comes to knowledge work. amberSearch brings the user experience known from internet search applications to your company. For us a great user experience comes first as we believe in the power user satisfaction.

Why choose amberSearch?

amberSearch eases the working life of you and your team by reducing the amount of necessary information and improving the access to company internal information. This saves your organisation time and money!

How do you deal with data privacy?

As a German company data privacy is at the bottom of our hearts. For every piece of information we respect existing access rights and only host it on GDPR-compliant and certified Servers in Germany. Furthermore, we have different measures in place to guarantee the security of your data. For further information please reach out to us.

What kind of information can be processed?

Our technology is capable of processing almost any type of unstructured and structured business information such as: documents, emails, blog- and intranet entries, DMS- and CRM entries or chat messages. With the latest enhancements of our software, we also find multimedia content such as images, videos and audiofiles.

What differentiates us?

With amberSearch you invest in a modern solution that always has the user and his goals and needs in focus. As a German company our values are in trust and building long term Partnerships. Furthermore, we do not only focus on searching the data of one vendor but of several making amberSearch the place to go to when finding information within your organization.

How is your AI trained?

When setting amberSearch up, you can get started directly. No need to train the models – this has already been done before for you. This just helps you to quickly get started without needing weeks or even months of preparations.

How long does it take to set amberSearch up?

From a technical perspective the set up is done within one hour. For us working on a great user experience not only means looking after the user, but also the administrator. Hence, also for the administrator amberSearch is as easy to use as possible. Reach out to us for more information.

What is the difference between ambeRoad and amberSearch?

ambeRoad is the name of the company, amberSearch is the name of our product.


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