3D models say more than 1.000 words

Find everything you need to design

Efficiently search for 3D models
Filter images based on type, source, date and more

Visually stunning and accurate search


  • Find comparable models based on their geometric shape, structure and complexity
  • Use meta data to specify your search
  • Use advanced filtering options to further narrow the search

Efficiently manage and organise 3D models


  • Find similar models so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Discover relationships between similar models
  • Find and compare different versions of 3D models
Gain an advantage over your competition with optimised document administration
Increase your efficiency

Save time and improve collaboration


  • Find the 3D models you need in seconds without wasting time on tedious searches.
  • Collaborate with other teams to get the most out of 3D model development.
  • Launch products faster by enabling your team to collaborate better and stay up to date.

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amberGPT finds the data relevant to you


Die Intelligenz von GPT-Modellen mit dem Know-How deines Unternehmens – Ohne nachtrainieren

amberSearch searches not only text

File Formats

Search more than just text. With amberSearch you can also find images, 3D models and more!

amberSearch accesses all your data sources


Find EVERYTHING in one place and make that place accessible in different places

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12 use cases where enterprise search delivers value

12 use cases where enterprise search delivers value

Learn how an enterprise search engine can help you too.
An enterprise search is an internal search engine used by companies to provide their employees with quick access to important information and data. It searches various data sources within a company, such as document management systems, customer and employee databases and project management tools. In today’s digital world, where companies are collecting and storing more and more data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the relevant information quickly.

What does the future of information management look like?

What does the future of information management look like?

On November 3, our co-founder Bastian Maiworm gave a keynote on the information management of the future at the Digital FUTUREcongress in Essen.
His view of things:
Due to the fact that data is growing exponentially and the amount of data silos tends to increase, it is becoming more and more confusing and difficult for employees to access information quickly. Therefore, in the future, there will be a higher-level instance that suggests the relevant information to the employee at the right time.


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