Find images based on content

Tagging, labelling & Co are no longer necessary, our AI takes care of that.

amberSearch supports image search
amberSearch accesses all your data sources

Intelligent image search


  • Recognition of the content using state-of-the-art AI to reduce the necessary search time
  • Search various image formats (png, jpeg, gif & Co) to access visual content independently
  • No training & out-of-the-box functionality to be ready for immediate use

Limitable image search


  • Search all images or only images from specific data sources
  • Group & cluster similar images to get a better overview of visual content
  • Use existing metadata to enhance content
Filter images based on type, source, date and more
Secure cloud storage

Security first


  • DSGVO compliance
  • Consideration of access rights and constant synchronisation
  • State-of-the-art encryption to ensure IT security.

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Efficiently search for 3D models


Chat with your internal information

amberGPT finds the data relevant to you


Die Intelligenz von GPT-Modellen mit dem Know-How deines Unternehmens – Ohne nachtrainieren

amberSearch searches not only text

File Formats

Search more than just text. With amberSearch you can also find images, 3D models and more!

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