Generative AI as a technology is here. Companies just need to use it. But that is easier said than done. Companies need to define the use cases now and see that they realise the added value that this technology enables. If you don’t use the time to gain experience now, you will lose touch with the market or your competitive advantage.

The difference between AI experts and non-AI experts has never been smaller. This opportunity will never come around again.

It is becoming quite clear that generative AI brings with it a different innovative power than has been the case with other trends in the recent past. This makes it all the more important that companies do not miss out on this development and instead make their own experiences with generative AI and define use cases for themselves.

In another blog article, we also explained how to successfully introduce generative AI in a company.

General use cases

This article by no means claims to be complete, but rather represents an excerpt of what is already possible today. The article should inspire you to define and find your own use cases in order to be able to implement them afterwards.

Therefore, in this article we present some use cases that could be implemented by amberAI.

Please note: We do not see generative AI as a replacement for humans, but as an assistance that can process certain tasks faster and more efficiently…

Summarise results from different data sources

Wondering what your company already knows about certain technologies? Then let us summarise the information for you!

Have contracts checked

You have to check a contract and make 2-3 comments? Just ask generative KI if there are any unusual clauses in a contract.

Create an email based on a piece of information

For example, you have received an offer and want to send a quick order confirmation? Then just ask generative AI to do this.

Let AI put itself in a different situation

Ask the question, where would a buyer start first, if he would negotiate your offer?

Answer customer support queries on the fly

Use generative AI to answer the questions your customers have directly!

Apply standards and laws

New standards or laws have been published and you just want to know quickly how to apply them or if a plan of yours complies with the requirements?

Understand other languages

You are at a conference and papers are published in a language you don’t understand? Then just get them translated quickly

This use case applies, of course, also to service technicians who may only have documentation available in a language they don’t understand….

Fewer queries to colleagues

You know you once had a project on a certain topic, but you can’t remember with whom or what exactly it was about? Let generative AI explain it to you!

Let concepts be optimised

Use generative AI as your assistant who looks over your concepts again and optimises the ideas together with you.

Idea management

You have developed a unique technology? Why don’t you try to use it for other use cases? Generative AI can help you define new use cases together.

Have paragraphs rephrased

You are supposed to write a paper on a certain topic, but you don’t have the right words? Then simply ask generative AI to rephrase a certain paragraph from scratch or from scratch.

Create a summary of a document

Instead of reading a document in its entirety, you can have generative AI summarise the most important information and jump in where you need more information.

Have social media posts created for you

You have found a cool topic for which you want to create a post on social media? Then let generative AI dictate the post directly to you.

Create documents in the blink of an eye

Have documents summarised so that you can send the output directly to your team as a summary

Define your own use cases

In one of our other blog posts, we used an example to explain how every company can define its own AI use cases.


As you can see, there are dozens of use cases. The use cases presented here are only a selection and can be extended at will. The screenshots presented here are from our software. If you found the use cases interesting and would like to learn more about them, then watch our short explanatory video:

Surely you’ve already had 2-3 ideas about which use cases you would solve, right? Let’s just have an open conversation:

By the way, here you can find all the integration possibilities of our solution – both from amberSearch/amberAI into your systems and the other way around.