Free your company from duplicates

Always work with the most up to date data

Data securely stored in german data centers
Gain an advantage over your competition with optimised document administration

Improve data quality


  • amberSearch detects duplicates and clusters similar & identical files
  • Current versions are displayed directly on top
  • Elimination of redundant information minimises errors in information processing and use

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs


  • Storage space optimisation: Removing duplicates can contribute to more efficient use of storage space and thus reduce costs.
  • Avoiding redundant information allows staff to work faster and more efficiently by eliminating the time-consuming search for the correct version.
  • Consolidating content makes file management easier and allows for better organisation of information.
Increase efficiency and reduce costs
amberSearch accesses all your data sources

Increase transparency


  • Instead of storing information in multiple “logically correct” locations, amberSearch allows employees to find the right location and add content instead of storing new content.
  • Detecting duplicates ensures that the entire organisation is accessing the same level of information, providing increased transparency.
  • Updating information becomes much easier with only a few versions and helps keep all staff up to date.

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Crosslingual search

Mobile Search

Maximise the mobility of your employees.

amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Sharing information

Simplify your communication.

Increase your efficiency

Digital Workplace

​Centralise the know-how of your decentralised tools, increase efficiency and complete your Digital Workplace

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