Search in a digital environment exists pretty much since data bases have been developed. However, data bases only cover structured data. Vast amounts of data in companies are stored in an unstructured form. Unstructured data needs far more complex software to process the data.

Most data available within companies nowadays is unstructured in the form of text, picture, video or audio file formats. With the exponential growth of data within our world and people being used to Google the call for bringing the Google Search Experience into companies becomes louder.

However, established Enterprise Search Engines are not able to serve this demand mainly because of three reasons:

– their technology usually only delivers a better keyword matching across several data silos

– user interfaces are not very customer centric

– The solution is not scalable and takes high efforts to implement

At amberSearch our vision is to bring that Google Experience to your company. We use state of the art AI technologies such as natural language processing in combination with a great customer experience to your company. Our promise is to bring that experience of entering one search query into a search bar and getting the right answer straight away to your company with a quick and easy set up process.
For us it doesn’t matter if the information is stored on your shared drive, your mailbox or in your CRM-system. Our software enables you to search your personal data the same way you search the web for information.

To bring that web search experience to your company, we use AI technologies such as natural language processing, computer vision and deep learning. This enables us to not only to understand the search query on a semantic level, but also to answer questions and to search further media like pictures, videos and audio files.

If you want to see a demo of our product, then feel free to reach out to us via

Our team will be happy to help you to stop searching and start finding.