Breaking up data silos

Optimise business processes and foster collaboration

amberSearch accesses all your data sources
Integrate your existing systems into amberSearch

Unify data access


  • Gain access to multiple data sources and silos within a single, consolidated platform.
  • One syntax & search logic for all systems instead of having to rethink the search logic of different systems over and over again
  • Eliminate obstacles caused by unknown data sources or storage locations by your employees

Optimise business processes


  • Increase the efficiency of business processes by saving time in all teams
  • Make information flows in teams and departments transparent and increase collaboration
  • Make better decisions faster by finding the basis for decisions more quickly and more comprehensively.
Gain an advantage over your competition with optimised document administration
Data securely stored in german data centers

Data quality


  • Ensure that your staff take the absolute best information from all systems and not the first information from one system.
  • Find data that was previously unknown to you and have different duplicates clustered.
  • Display current data on the respective topic at the top of the screen

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amberSearch supports collaboration in files

Find experts

Find the right contact person for every topic.

Increase your efficiency

Employee Onboarding

Quick access to internal content for new members.

Secure cloud storage

Finding duplicates

Free your company from duplicates.

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