Digital Twins & Co – more and more know-how is stored in 3D models. These are now searchable with amberSearch. Just enter what you are looking for and you will find the different 3D models.

Beispielvideo, wie die 3D Modellsuche aussieht

amberSearch helps you to quickly find the right part and open it in your target application

What are the use cases?

  1. You want to look quickly which different variants of screws or gears you have and don’t want to load the models in the target application first? Use amberSearch to view the models directly and then process them further.
  2. A customer requests a 3D model of one of your products so that he can use it for further planning? With us you can find it directly and forward it accordingly.
  3. You want to plan a new element and don’t know whether a module already exists that you can use as a basis? At amberSearch you can search for similar models and then use them as a basis for your new creations!

In addition, there are many more use cases that we would like to open up over time. We are always happy to receive user feedback – please contact us with your ideas at!

If you want to test the 3D-Model Search, you can do so here

Du erhältst von uns direkt eine Einladung zu unserer Onlinedemo und kannst dich von dort durch die 3D-Modellsuche klicken!